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The name "Hawkeye" comes from the State of  IOWA "The Hawkeye State" in honor of a favorite Aunt and Uncle who lived in Dubuque, Iowa where Tom spent many vacations.

Over the years, owners Tom and Debbie have been active in many equestrian clubs such as the Tuckahoe Equestrain Center, Delaware The Appaloosa Horse Club, Appaloosa Horse Club, 4-H Clubs, Eastern Shore Jousting Association, Maryland Rough Riders and the Chincoteague Pony Association.

Active in many equestrian sporting events such as jousting, rodeos, major trail rides and horse shows.  Debbie spent her time in the showing arena. 

They have had many breeds of horses over the years, but fell in love with the Chincoteague Ponies.

Tom reflects back to 1965 were he first visited Chincoteague Island for the annual pony swim. "Misty" was the big thing and every kid wanted a pony. A pony back then could be bought for $20 at the auction. Over the years, Tom continued to return to the island for the annual pony swims. 

One of the highlights, was during the 1988 pony swim, Tom rode with the "Saltwater Cowboys" as they paraded the ponies through the streets of Chincoteague, to the carnival ground.

​Debbie bought her first Chincoteague Pony in 2000. In 2002 she began showing her pony in the Eastern Shore Western Horse Show Association circuit where she placed 6th at the year end high point awards.  
Our love for the Chincoteague Ponies has now expanded in establishing the Chincoteague Pony Rescue.

This breed has touched us in a very special way, and the friends we have met over the years who share the same love and passion, can not be put into words. We have truly been blessed!

In 2008, owners Tom and Debbie Ober were approached regarding the need in offering a forever home to chincoteague ponies who were being retired, needing care or unwanted.

In September 2011,  Tom and Debbie founded the Chincoteague Pony Rescue, Inc. and Hawkeye Stables serves as the home base for the rescue.

 Since the economy has taken a down turn, the need for the rescue has dramatically increased and has been fully supported by others nation wide, who share the same concern and love for the Chincoteague Ponies. 

Debbie and Ginger, aka "Pony Girl", bring home a ribbon at their first show.
A Special Thanks to all of our Pony Friends, 
for your support and friendship!
Our History